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Friday, February 12, 2010

There was another reason for Reza Shah to hate the Turks. The previous dynasty (Gajar) was a Turkic dynasty

Golnaz A. Jafari

Many thanks to Dr. Nazmi Afshar and his researches in clarification of the history!

If you take a look at the history prior to pahlavi dynasty, the main reason to the establishment of pahlavi dystasty is quite apparent. In 1828, after a long struggle and war with Russia, Azerbaijan was divided and north of the Araz River, now the Republic of Azerbaijan was taken over by Russia. After, the First World War... See More, this part of Middle East was the center of ongoing struggles and fights. Leaders of France, Ottoman Empire and Russia individually and collectively were discussing and negotiating the possibility of invading India which then was a British colony. England, fearing such act, was well aware that just two centuries before, under Nader Afshar (founder of Afshar dynasty), Iran had invaded India. England’s desire was to turn Iran to a defending wall against the desires of those who wished to invade India. REZA SHAH WAS THE PRODUCTION OF THIS NEED AND NECESSITIY. General Ironside( which you can Google it online) of England met with Reza Shah, in this meeting he had two requests from his new agent, Reza Shah.The most important request was to never give a chance to Azerbaijan to lead the country. why?because during the period of British colonialism, Azerbaijan had always been the leading force of national resistance, such as resistance against the granting of the country’s railroad rights to England and etc.

Shortly after the coup 1921 he called his dynasty the pahlavi dynasty which he aimed to relate himself to the pre-Islam Sassanid Kingdom. He declared war against everybody that was not of Persian ethnicity, directly targeting Azerbaijanis and other Turks living in Iran. Reza Shah, using people... See More’s dream for peace and security, centralized all authorities and called the nation Iran (land of Arian).Trying to find easy escape goats for the country’s shortcomings, he focused on both Islam and Turks as his targets. targeting Azerbaijanis and other Turkic ethnicities was prejudice, racism, discrimination and inhumane.

Very soon, all the power hungry statesmen were incited to promote ancient Persian pride, and superior “Arian... See More” race, and to blame everything on Non-Arians. They raged massive propaganda against Azerbaijanis and other ethnic minorities such as the Kurds, Arabs, Lors, and Balouchs etc. Changing and twisting history, creating a false sense of ethnic/race pride, and fuelling the flame of hatred, he created clubs, associations, and institutions to prove that in this haven of Arian Nation; Non-Arians were the cause of all economic and societal problems.

By the end of the 19th century, when the constitution was being drafted, Farsi was named the “common” language and the preservation and promotion of other language was strongly suggested. Reza Shah changed the “common” language to the “official language”, ignoring rights of all non-Farsi speakers, which account for 65% of the population.

There was another reason for Reza Shah to hate the Turks. The previous dynasty (Gajar) was a Turkic dynasty, and all the well-known politicians were from the Gajar dynasty. This list included men such as Doctor Mossaddeq who had the courage to resist Reza Shah. Reza Shah without any education, and political experience was naturally feeling threatened.

He also was so inspired by Hitler that he even dressed like him. He could not cause the devastations of the Nazis but he would do all he could to cause an ethnic, linguistic and cultural eradication. He destroyed the economy of Azerbaijan, tried to destroy the people’s identity, culture and worse of all, their language


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